Code of Conduct - Preamble

Code of Conduct



The =DN= Multi-Gaming Clan was founded on June 9th, 2016, with the sole purpose of providing a fun and fair gaming community to its members. We strive for excellence in gaming and friendships. It is our goal to extend this excellence to all =DN= Multi-Gaming Clan members. The =DN= Multi-Gaming Clan personnel are the military unit that serves the President also known as the Commander in Chief. The primary goal of this military unit is to protect and serve the Clan from any threats at all times.


Section 1: Chain of Command

  1. The =DN= Multi-Gaming Clan has established a Chain of Command Structure. The Chain of Command includes the following ranks from highest in Command to the lowest:

    1. President (only 1 member may have this rank)
    2. Vice President (only 1 member may have this rank)
    3. Five Star General (only 1 member may have this rank)
    4. General
    5. Lieutenant General
    6. Major General
    7. Brigadier General
    8. Colonel
    9. Lieutenant Colonel
    10. Major
    11. Captain
    12. First Lieutenant
    13. Second Lieutenant
    14. Sergeant Major Of The Army
    15. Command Sergeant Major
    16. Sergeant Major
    17. Master Sergeant
    18. Sergeant First Class
    19. Staff Sergeant
    20. Sergeant
    21. Corporal
    22. Specialist
    23. Private First Class
    24. Private
    25. Recruit

  2. It is expected that Clan members are to follow orders given by members with higher rank, as long as orders are proven to be lawful, plausible and necessary. Clan personnel are expected to address higher ranking members with Sir or Ma'am in the forums as a sign of respect.

Section 2: Personnel Conduct

a. All =DN= Multi-Gaming Clan personnel are required to conduct themselves in a professional and friendly manner appropriate for our clan. At no time, which includes on the forums, Discord, Steam, teamspeak and in game chat, will a =DN= Multi-Gaming Clan member use profanity, topics of sexual nature, topics of an illegal nature, harassing, threatening, vulgar, racial, demeaning or harmful statements or actions while wearing the =DN= Multi-Gaming Clan tags "-DN-, =DN=, " next to their name. Any violation of this conduct could result in disciplinary action or discharge as described in section 5, or as deemed just by the Presidency.

b. Do note that our profanity policy is not a zero tolerance policy. Any excessive or habitual abuse of profanity will be appropriately punished by those so empowered against those members and guests who abuse the policy.

c. =DN= members are expected to uphold the values of loyalty to the clan, honesty, maturity, and activity.

c. All Clan members below the rank of Second Lieutenant unless otherwise denoted will be required to show game-play activity in the form of Combat Reports. This is accomplished by submitting 1 weekly Combat Report (CR) due every Saturday by 11:59 pm your time. Combat Report activity, or lack thereof, is used in determining promotions and if an inactivity discharge is necessary.

d. In respect to the prior paragraph, the Multigame division has special exceptions in regards to Combat Reports. You are expected to know the rules of Multigame if you want to join that division.

e. All Clan members are invited to attend a regularly scheduled weekly training session for the division you are assigned to. Attending said training session will count towards your activity which is used in determining promotions and if an inactivity discharge is necessary. Attendance at training sessions for other divisions is permitted for all Clan members with the exception that activity in those training sessions may not be used in determining promotions.

f. All Clan members are required to use the Steam or Discord instant messenger network and to provide a valid Steam or Discord account upon registration into the clan. Steam and Discord activity will be monitored from time to time. When accepted into the clan, you are expected to wear the =DN= tags and your forum name as indicated elsewhere in this document.

g. No =DN= Multi-Gaming Clan member shall be a member in any other clan that is a clan enemy while enlisted in the =DN=. Dual clanning with enemy clans will automatically result in an immediate dishonorable discharge from the Clan. Furthermore, a =DN= member cannot have admin powers for another clan without permission from the =DN= Government or higher, and any member joining another clan that is not an enemy will require prior approval from the =DN= Government even if you are a Government member yourself, this would mean that you would require permission from the Presidency.

h. All Clan personnel may have a forum signature. Signatures may have images no bigger than 150 pixels high by 550 pixels wide and in total the signature can be no bigger than 325 pixels tall by 550 pixels wide. Members of the rank of Second Lieutenant or higher may request to have their signature hosted by the =DN= Multi-Gaming Clan.

i. All Clan members are required to use the same name in these places: =DN= Multi-Gaming Clan Forums, Evolve, Steam, TeamSpeak and in game name. Members must keep their name for a period of at least 90 days (3 months) before it can be changed.

j. Note: It is acceptable to spell your name using special characters such as "§", "µ", "â", etc., as long as it is readable. It is also acceptable to place small icons at the end of your name such as "™" or "©" to create a sense of uniqueness. If your name gets too carried away, you will be asked to change it. Use common sense. Also note that the forums cannot accept many special characters in your name, so it is preferred to not get carried away when creating your forum account.

k. Using the =DN= Multi-Gaming Clan website as a means of advertisement is strictly prohibited, and is viewed as exploitation. Any members using the =DN= Multi-Gaming Clan as a means of advertisement are subject to disciplinary action. Examples of such advertisement are: displaying a link or images displaying information or hotlinks to your personal website, or to a website that you use for merchandising, etc. You may however put a link to such website in the "Website" field in your personal profile. Any exceptions to this rule needs to be approved by the =DN= Government.

Section 3: Promotions & Demotions

Members that are designated as a Full Commanding Officer of a division or who hold a similar "commanding" position of a department may issue promotions up to their Promotion Regulation without the approval of the Government. Commanding Officers must obtain permission from the Government to promote a Division member higher than their respective Promotion Regulation. Demotions can be made only upon approval from the Government.

Promotions can only be of the nature of "one rank higher" at a time. You can only promote a member if 2 weeks has passed since their last promotion. Promotions from Sergeant Major or lower (Enlisted Ranks) to Second Lieutenant or higher (Officers Ranks) requires Government majority approval. Additionally, promotions of more than "one rank higher" require Presidential approval.

Placement in certain positions of the clan may involve a necessary rank promotion. Such promotions are given as exceptions to the other promotion rules and only for positions defined by the Presidency and only to the rank defined for that position by the Presidency.

The Presidency may, at any time, as they deem, for any reason undefined, promote or demote any member at any time to any rank.

Promotion regulations:

Rank Promotion Regulation
President President
Vice President General
General Brigadier General
Lieutenant General Colonel
Major General Lieutenant Colonel
Brigadier General Major
Colonel Captain
Lieutenant Colonel First Lieutenant
Major Second Lieutenant
Captain Sergeant Major Of The Army
First Lieutenant Command Sergeant Major
Second Lieutenant Sergeant Major
Sergeant Major Master Sergeant
Master Sergeant Sergeant First Class
Sergeant First Class Sergeant
Sergeant Corporal
Corporal Specialist
Specialist Private First Class
Specialist Private
Private Recruit

Clan members may be promoted for but not limited to:

  1. Making Combat Reports to show game-play activity
  2. Being active in the forums
  3. Attending weekly training sessions
  4. Recruiting new members

Section 4: Leave of Absence

All =DN= Multi-Gaming Clan personnel may request an official leave of absence from active duty. Leave requests can only be approved/denied by the Department of Intelligence members or Officers that hold the rank of Brigadier General or higher. Leave periods can only be a maximum of 4 weeks in length with longer leave periods only being granted in special situations by Government or higher.

Military Leave is available for those members who serve in the armed forces and who have to go on leave for military reasons and is not restricted by the leave duration times indicated before. Otherwise, they work in a similar fashion to normal leaves.

While a Clan member is on leave, he/she is not required to make any Combat Reports or post in the forums.

Section 5: Discharges

All =DN= Multi-Gaming Clan personnel from the rank of Recruit through General are subject to being discharged from the =DN= Multi-Gaming Clan as deemed necessary and prudent. Only Clan personnel that are designated as a Division Commanding Officer or Division Executive Officer, members of the Government, or members so authorized by Government or Presidency may issue discharges. Only the Presidency may issue a discharge to a Brigadier General or above.

The Presidency may, at any time, as they deem, for any reason defined or undefined, discharge people. Presidency may discharge anybody up to the rank of Vice President and may deem such discharges as they see fit.

Personnel may be discharged for breach of the Code of Conduct, insubordination, insolence, treason, or any other reason deemed fitting by those empowered. Discharges of these natures will be deemed as dishonorable.

Personnel may be discharged for a lack of activity as deemed fitting by those empowered. Discharges of these natures will be deemed as inactivity discharges.

Other types of discharges may be defined by the Presidency as deemed necessary and prudent. Such discharges need not be defined in the Code of Conduct.

Section 6: Resignations & Retirements

All =DN= Multi-Gaming Clan personnel may request to resign at any time.

=DN= Multi-Gaming Clan personnel that hold the rank of Command Sergeant or higher, have served for at least 1 year, and are at good standings with the =DN= Multi-Gaming Clan are eligible for retirement. Retirement may only be granted by the Office of the Presidency.

Retired members will no longer be required to make Combat Reports, or attend any trainings. They are no longer required to maintain activity in the forums. They will wear their highest earned rank and be respected by all Clan members. They will no longer be assigned to a division but they may still participate in any division. If they choose to participate in a division, they will have no command over the division, they will simply be a member. They will be someone for new soldiers to look up to, and to learn new skills from. They are outstanding members of the Clan!

Retired members however are bound by the Code of Conduct like they were as =DN= members with the exceptions outlined in the prior paragraph. Thus, they are still expected to be the outstanding members that they have been thus far and they are still expected not to dual clan unless they have prior approval from the =DN= Government. A retired member can resign from retirement at any time and can additionally be reactivated to full member status at any time.

Section 7: Game Server Ownership

=DN= Multi-Gaming Clan members may purchase game servers to donate to the official =DN= Multi-Gaming Clan servers. The following conditions will apply to all donated servers:

  1. Server name will be decided upon by the Government but will have a format similar to "=DN= | =DN= Multi-Gaming Clan |". Members can put their name in the server name to advertise that they purchased the server.
  2. Admin and RCON passwords will be provided to the Government and Division Command only. Regular members will not be granted RCON or Admin by the game server owner.
  3. Access to the server files via FTP will be given to the Government. Game Panel access, where available, should also be provided.
  4. Servers have to follow =DN= rules and criteria.

If the above conditions are not met, the server will not be added to our Dedicated Servers page and it will not be associated with the =DN= Multi-Gaming Clan. All servers that are donated need approval from the =DN= Presidency.


This Code of Conduct has been written to help better the overall experience for all =DN= Multi-Gaming Clan members. The Code of Conduct is written as a document for the =DN= Multi-Gaming Clan membership to utilize to assist them in serving the =DN= Multi-Gaming Clan President as defined in the Preamble. The Presidency reserves the right to edit/modify this Code of Conduct as deemed necessary. Interpretation and clarification of the contents of the Code of Conduct is provided by Presidency as deemed necessary.